Avionics installation CAPABILITIES

As an authorized dealer for major avionics suppliers in corporate aviation, SoCal Jets can install the following for your corporate aircraft: 

  • ADS-B Out Solutions
  • FANS installations
  • Broadband Internet/Wifi Installations
  • Cockpit System upgrade
  • Cabin & Entertainment upgrades
  • Phone Systems
  • Safety and Weather systems

Time left until ADS-B deadline

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Cockpit System Upgrades

SoCal Jets partners with various avionics manufacturers to deliver tomorrow's technology to legacy aircraft. It is our focused effort to evaluate, and install some of the best of the emerging avionics technologies in select airframes. In many cases, a variety of solutions are available for each airframe.

Cabin Entertainment  

SoCal Jets provides innovative in-flight entertainment (IFE) products that deliver a best-in-class in-flight cabin experience. Call to learn more.


Broadband and Wifi Installations

In-flight connectivity a now available for virtually any business aircraft. SoCal Jets can offer you solutions that increase productivity, safety, and enjoyment of your travel experience.