TCAS 7.1 and Mexico

TCAS 7.1 Upgrades [Click HERE for Spanish Translation]

TCAS is Traffic Collision Avoidance System.  There are several types of TCAS systems on board aircraft. TCAS 1 and TCAS II are the most common and thus are regulated for certain aircraft.

TCAS I can be active or passive and some of which can be integrated into/from displays from the TIS functions of ADS-B. TCAS I displays have symbology that is similar to TCAS II but has TA (Traffic Advisories) only.

TCAS II is typical of what you see in most part 25 aircraft.  TCAS II systems have specific symbology and include both TA and RA (Resolution Advisories). All TCAS II systems are active. (Active means that these systems send out a TCAS pulse so that other aircraft will reply). TCAS II aircraft that respond will generate a RA display and have symbols that will display how to avoid the other TCAS II aircraft.

There are several software levels for TCAS II equipped aircraft. The previous version (7.0) had some software anomalies that gave pilots a possible confusing message/display when the RA’s were generated.

TCAS 7.1 was meant to fix those issues and help alleviate the possible collision of two aircraft.

EASA implemented TCAS 7.1 in Dec 2015 for aircraft that are in Europe or fly there. Aircraft that were caught and ramp checked on that date in those countries were grounded and thus many of these upgrades for these grounded aircraft tripled.

Mexico is part of ICAO and has drafted up requirements for implementation in their airspace. Their deadline for this important mandate in Mexico is Jan 1, 2020.

SoCal Jets,Inc. can install this upgrade as well as ADS-B and FANS1A+ for your aircraft. 

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