The ADS-B Mandate



After December 31, 2019: your business turboprop or jet will be grounded unless equipped for ADS-B OUT (applies to all aircraft flying in ADS-B mandate airspace).

Europe: June 7, 2020 (only applies to aircraft with max takeoff weight 12,655 pounds or higher and/or max cruise speed of 250 knots or higher)

Other countries where ADS-B is required: Australia, many regions in Asia above 29,000 feet.

FAA says: there will be no exceptions

What is ADS-B? A transponder upgrade married to a highly accurate GPS receiver, provides much more accurate position information to air traffic control without the need for radar

Upgrade costs vary, but upgrades are now available for all business aircraft

18,000+ business aircraft need ADS-B OUT or will be grounded after December 31, 2019

As of the end of April 2017, 28 months remain for compliance

That means more than 600 aircraft must be upgraded per month until 2020

Shops are filling up, now is the time to schedule an appointment, or it will be too late

Keeping the airplane: it must be upgraded

Selling the airplane: the value is higher with the upgrade

Parking the airplane: consider donating


Provided by: Matt Thurber, senior editor, Aviation International News


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