SERVICE BULLETIN! Impending GPS Approach Capability Loss April 7, 2019.

Universal Avionics has announced Service Bulletin 1XXX.( )-34-3719 which details legacy (Non-WAAS) equipment that will lose their approach capability. Cost for the Universal Service Bulletin upgrade is estimated at approximately $12,000, plus any other repairs and time delays from equipment sent in for repair.

SoCal Jets, Inc. 3 Day ADS-B program
SoCal Jets, Inc. 3 Day ADS-B program eliminates the need to upgrade these units as they are upgraded in this ADS-B program.

How it works
1. Extensive review of all aircraft records and installations in advance, to ensure the system is FAA approved and ready with minimum downtime.

2. We schedule your aircraft into a service slot at our Van Nuys, CA location.

3. You pick up your aircraft 3 days later.

Note: As a preferred member of our ADS-B Out program we will offer a $5,000 discount coupon toward any WAAS/LPV, FANS 1A+ or CPDLC DCL upgrades after January 2020.